Come and Meet Yourself



You would like to slow down, relax, find inner peace, serenity, and yourself.


You are looking for your sense in life, a vision for your life, or just the next step to take.


You are longing for deep silence, peace, meditation, or reconnection:

with nature, the Sacred, the Divine, or with yourself.


You have an (inner) topic with which you would like to work, deeply.


You just plainly enjoy staying at a place, in which people are driven to look inwards, be mindful and attentive.

If the above is true for you Little Paradise serves your needs. Upon request, we support you on your journey and are available as competent mentors or guides.


Ein beliebter Meditationsplatz in unserem Garten ist unter einem unserer Apfelbäume - hier in voller Blüte.

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  • Accommodation in single room with shower (duplex rooms are possible)

  • Possibility to participate in group meditations (mornings & evenings)

  • The meditation room, library & large garden provide numerous lounge areas to sit, enjoy, reflect, contemplate, pray, meditate, read, write, think, ponder, relax, bird-watch, and recreate.

  • We accompany and mentor you, according to your needs or wishes.

  • Silent retreats & temporary complete withdrawals are possible, likewise. 

  • We are available for one-on-one talks, almost daily.

  • We will recommend a daily schedule for your retreat. This recommendation is not obligatory, but only an invitation and inspiration.

  • Guests from diverse spiritual paths and traditions visit our house. A uniquely individual retreat plan is feasible.

  • The start and duration of your retreat can be arranged freely, according to your needs and our availability.

Meditationsraum, Meditationszentrum
Meditationsraum, Meditationszentrum

Unser Meditationsraum. Der Raum steht immer offen für Rückzug, Stille, Meditation und Kontemplation. Eine kleine Bibliothek im hinteren Bereich lädt zum Lesen ein.

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Members of all religions and spiritual traditions as well as atheists are welcome.


We enjoy sharing our place with people from Germany, Europe and from all over the world.


Over the course of a year, we regularly host guests

from about 50 countries.

Our center is not affiliated with any religion or spiritual path. It is a project originating from the personal love for deep inner states that can be experienced through meditation and frequent personal retreats.


Participation in all meditations is always free of charge,
for all guests and visitors of the house.

Aus aller Welt, alle Religionen
Aus aller Welt, alle Religionen

Intensive Begegnungen mit Menschen aus aller Welt und allen Glaubensrichtungen und spirituellen Traditionen sind bei uns möglich und finden regelmäßig statt.

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Finding ourselves

We become unique

Surrendering to love

We become one

Upcoming Events

  • 5-Tage-Retreat ab 1. Januar
    So., 01. Jan.
    Little Paradise
    01. Jan. 2023, 15:00 MEZ – 06. Jan. 2023, 13:00 MEZ
    Little Paradise, Krütz 2, 22955 Hoisdorf, Deutschland
    Fünf Tage zu sich kommen - innere Ruhe finden, bei sich selbst ankommen, verweilen.

Plane Dein individuelles Retreat

mit flexiblen Daten

Du möchtest zu anderen Daten an- oder abreisen?
Oder Du planst ein Retreat zu zweit oder in der Gruppe?

Schreibe uns hierfür eine E-Mail oder sende uns eine Nachricht über unsere Kontaktseite

und wir bieten Dir gerne etwas an, sofern verfügbar.

Swimming in love

We become gentle


Leaving no traces

We become free


Finally losing ourselves
In the abyss of 'not-knowing'

'We' comes to an end


Du erhältst eine Erstattung von 50% des Buchungsbetrages, wenn Du mindestens zwei Wochen vor dem Check-in stornierst.
Bei kurzfristigeren Stornierungen bis drei Tage vor dem Check-In erstatten wir 25% des Buchungsbetrages.​