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Little Paradise Retreatzentrum bei Hamburg

SeE & Do

Stillness & Movement

During a retreat, timeout or vacation in Little Paradise you can discover a variety of beautiful things to do - apart from the meditations. 


The area around Hoisdorf is home to many walk and bike paths.

Enjoy an afternoon walk around a lake or explore the scenery during an extended bike ride - you will find endless opportunities.


From the house and garden you can observe many rare birds:

white-tailed eagles, cranes, great white herons, grey herons, swans, storks, various sorts of geese and ducks, red kites, buzzards, falcons, kestrels, hobbies, hawks - among many others.


Discover 7 lakes within a 5 km radius.

Enjoy swimming and beaches at three of the lakes. 

Explore restaurants with stunning sunset views over the waters.

Or drive 35 minutes to the Baltic Sea with all its touristic attractions. 


The city of Hamburg is a mere 25 minute drive away - or one hour by public transportation. Check out what this great city has to offer:

Hamburg Tourism Guide

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